Puppy Training

Set yourself up for success! You can avoid most bad habits from ever being created, if you allow us to help. We have courses designed to meet your preferences.

Whole Dog Training Program


Designed with the end in mind the Whole Dog Training Program takes every developmental stage into consideration.

Step 1: Private Lesson

Every dog grows at their own unique pace and training should adapt to their needs. This program includes a private lesson to start everybody off on the right path.

Private lessons are placed before and after each of the board and train stays to ensure everyone in the household is clear on all the material.

Step 2: Board and Train (3-5 months old)

Somewhere between 3-5 months, your puppy would stay with us for a 3 week board and train followed by another private lesson (sometimes two depending on everyone’s needs).

The first board and train focuses on teaching the puppy basic behaviors and commands and emphasizes the facilitation of drive/motivation.

Step 3: Board and Train (9-12 months old)

Then again around 9-12 months the dog comes in for another 3 week board and train stay, this time the focus moves away from puppy training and into the adult level. Another private lesson would occur at the completion of the board and train.

The second board and train focuses on conditioning tools, teaching the mandatory elements of obedience and proofing the dog in distraction rich environments.

Other Puppy Training Options

Only for puppies between the ages of 3 and 7 months.

2 Week
Board and Train


3 Week
Board and Train

for a limited time

Private Lessons

$200 - 1 lesson
$500 - 3 lessons
$1000 - 6 lessons

In this format you will be working with a trainer weekly to learn methods and techniques. At the end of each lesson you will be given homework assignments to accomplish throughout the week.

Group Classes

All group classes are currently canceled.

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