Board & Train Program

Dramatic Results in a Shorter Amount of Time

Why Board and Train?

This is the most popular training option because it achieves the greatest results in the shortest amount of time. Once the dog has completed the boarding phase of training, we work with you in private lessons to ensure your confidence in maintaining their progress. Board and Trains set your dog up for success by immersing them in an environment designed for learning. Our six and a half acre ranch contains trails, fields, multiple fenced-in yards and an indoor training facility.

Your dog will experience...

During their stay, your dog would have a daily schedule of: exercise, walks, working for meals, playtime and training. This stimulating and controlled environment is designed for dogs to learn everything they need in order to go home ready for their owners.

Board and Train Programs

*Please understand that recommendations are based upon your dog’s unique drive/ sensitivity as well as the severity of their behavioral issues.

3 Weeks

Basic Dog Training Program

Includes 2 private lessons

Three weeks is just the right amount of time to get your dog to understand the basics of our training system. If your dog has a strong food motivation and no serious behavior issues such as aggression or fearfulness. This will likely be the right program for him or her. This program includes 2 private lessons, our in-home transition package as well as every tool used in his or her training.

4 Weeks

Basic Dog Training Program

Includes 2 private lessons

This program is ideal for the average happy-go-lucky dog in need of manners. With a four week board and train you are giving your dog enough time to learn the basics with the addition of remote stimulus training. If your dog struggles with mild behavioral issues 4 weeks should be enough time to address them. Mild aggression, low confidence, attention issues etc.

5 Weeks

Advanced Dog Training Program

Includes 3 private lessons

This length of time gives us the ability to go at a pace that will work for most any dog. Our core value is to keep every dog wanting to work with us as much as we want to work with them. This timeframe gives us the ability to pace your dog at a rate by which they can both progress and enjoy the process. This is a good option for dogs with behavioral issues like aggression and anxiety. By enrolling your dog in this program you are setting them up for success regardless of drive and temperament.

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