Dog Training Tips

DIY Dog & Puppy Training

A Trained Dog Makes Your Life More Enjoyable

Deciding to enroll in dog training with Swan Family Dog Training will give you a whole new perspective on your daily life. No more strain on your back and shoulders from Fido pulling you down the...

Posted May 25, 2018

A Dog’s Bark: How To Understand Their Vocal Communication

Is your dog barking because they have a legitimate need that’s not getting met or are they barking for no good reason? Dogs bark to alert, they bark out of frustration and sometimes ...

Posted August 26, 2017

Puppy Training: Raising Your Puppy

This is a general guide to owning a puppy and the more common things a dog owner should pay attention to and work on. Obedience training  Don't make the mistake of putting all your focus into...

Posted July 27, 2017