We are a small family with a lot of passion.

"Both my wife and I were born in Florida and raised in Bradenton. We care about our community and one of the best ways we can help our community is to strengthen relationships through reducing stress caused by difficult dogs. We look forward to welcoming you to our home."
Stephen Swan, Owner

Every bad dog needs training and every good dog deserves it...

Swan Family Dog Training was born out of us seeing a need for a dog training service that puts the needs and wishes of the client and family first. There are too many dog owners unsure of how to correct or change their dog’s bad behaviors. There are too many people feeling either guilty, scared or frustrated about their dog unnecessarily.
Dog Training Bradenton, FL

What to Expect

You can expect to be heard

In order for you to get the most out of your dog's training we need to have a clear understanding of what matters to you. Likewise it is essential for you to have clear expectations as to the amount of work needed from you in order to achieve maximum results.

No matter what kind of results we get, if your dog goes home to you and zero effort is put into maintaining boundaries/structure your dog will go back to its old habits. After all, we do not live and work with robots, these are living animals that require a level of social clarity and clear boundaries in order to maintain any kind of balance.

Become your dog's trainer

Our goal isn't to make you a professional dog trainer but to equip you with what you need to be your dog’s trainer.

Our priority is to solve your problems

We strive to solve your problems and to prevent new ones from occurring through our relationship based training methods.Your dog will be trained as if it was going home with us forever. We are committed to doing whatever it takes for your dog to love working for you while gaining a clear understanding of what’s expected of him.

Have fun

You will have so much fun watching your dog learn and grow into the respectful dog you've always wanted.

Curious but need more information?

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