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Is your dog's behavior too much to handle?

  • How many neighborhood walks do you avoid each week?
  • Do you have to put him or her away when you have company over?
  • Are you comfortable and at ease when you leave your front door open?

A lack of training is already costing you a great deal.

Our unique 3 step training system will save you dividends in emotional and physical energy.
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Experience real results

Gift your dog a fun and engaging training experience that they will benefit from for a lifetime. Watch as they grow into the respectful dog you’ve always wanted.
  • Enjoy walking your dog
  • Build your dog’s confidence
  • Clarify boundaries in your home
  • Raise your kids around a dog you can trust
  • Bring your dog on errands and vacations without stress

How It Works

We understand that your situation is unique and that you're looking for specific solutions for your dog, so here's how to get started...

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Find out about what we have to offer and how our training works. Learn about our unique 3 step training approach. Spend time browsing our content and become aware of what practices and procedures are in place for your dog’s training success.

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Enjoy Your Well-Trained Dog

Have fun throughout your training experience and get ready to reap the rewards of owning a well trained dog. We will continue to be available for you through continued maintenance in training when necessary. We will also provide exclusive services such as dog boarding when you leave town.

Our Services

Basic Dog Training

Board & Train

Our Board and Train Programs set your dog up for success by immersing them in an environment designed for learning. Our six and a half acre ranch contains trails, fields, multiple fenced-in yards and an indoor training facility.

During their stay, your dog would have a daily schedule of: exercise, walks, working for meals, playtime, training sessions, and the occasional field trip for distraction work. This stimulating and controlled environment is designed for dogs to learn everything they need in order to be ready to go home to you.

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Pro Dog Training

Puppy Training

Puppies can be a handful. It’s vital that you have a plan for how you are going to raise them. We have multiple training options that will suit any situation and leave you feeling confident and on track.

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Dog Training Success Stories

Meet Mercutio - Dog Training

Meet Luna

Luna came for our 5 day program to learn how to walk nicely on leash and how to stay off furniture.
“I am rating them 5 stars because I was HIGHLY satisfied with my experience. Our relationship has improved everyday since she has been home.”
- Megan Absten
Watch the video to see her progress.

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